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NPC Name XD-24
Gender Female
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation None
Location Unknown

The 24th of the 30 homunculi that were created by Jasmine who were sent to the present time in attempt to save the future. She attempted to use the player Tinkerer to extend her life but lost her life.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

XD-24 was sent to the present time in attempt to obtain information from Rose to save the future. As time passed, she discovered other homunculi like her and that her life was coming to an end. She discovered the player Tinkerer running around Lotus Marsh and was seen by Zulie.

XD-24 left records of previous homunculi around Lotus Marsh for the player Tinkerer to discover. One of them was picked up by Angelica at East Armory. XD-24 also stole the player's communicator and dropped hers for Edan to pick up at Dragon Cultist Base, who delivered it to the player. XD-24 left a record in the communicator inviting the player to meet her at Ruined Village.

There, she explained that they were both one of the 30 homunculi created by Jasmine and that the player's code name is XD-26. They are powered by a shard of an energy crystal and power of the energy crystal will run out soon. The player consulted Kasarana and she confirmed that the player was an homunculus. XD-24 explained that the player could extend her life by obtaining the energy crystal from other homunculi and requested the player to obtain XD-22's crystal from West Armory.

Finally, XD-24 revealed that she sent the player to obtain the crystal for her and fought the player for it. XD-24 was defeated and she wished the player a good life.