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Comments or Questions?[edit | edit source]

I can probably answer a lot of the wiki stuff...just leave me something on my talk page

Current Thought(s)[edit | edit source]

  • Wow...this place is so empty nowadays.
  • mabiunpack sucks. Well, actually it doesn't, it reads Mabinogi game files just fine. Except, when I tried it for Dragon Nest...sigh...back to the drawing board.
  • Urk...I'm really regretting not planning for a Template:Data for all the items when I synced them and the list together...

Things to Wonder[edit | edit source]

  • How to put in [ ] brackets into [[ ]] links while still keeping it as an internal link...?
    • In my opinion, not quite a satisfying answer, but putting in URLEncode can get around the delinking. (For reference.) Credits to User:Niet3sche for using this first.
    • Ah ha! Wrap it in "{{urlencode:<inserthere>}}"! For example, 123!@# turns to "123%21%40%23"
      • Sorry to chime in on your page (twice, see below). URLEncode, while icky, can get around some issues. I was in a rush, otherwise I'd have given SOME kind of insight beyond, "URLEncode." :/ Niet3sche Talk 06:55, 26 February 2012 (UTC)
  • How the heck do prefixes of equipment work...?
  • What's the mechanics behind the variations of the same weapon...?
  • Unyielding Plate... How to integrate links into pages with colored text? Would I have to give one up for the other? Or, perhaps, starting transclusions now can bring the recipe into the page, eliminating the need for links...?
    • Yep. And this is usually where game-wikis get all crazy. Transclusions are to me what indirection was to Bjarne Stroustrup (the C++ guy) and what "more tables" are to database folks. They're a great way to abstract and get around re-typing things. In my view, I'd rather do more work so that I can type something once, then transclude that information into a table/page/link/template/etc. Why? Because when I find out that I've mangled something, there is just one fix to make, and all else flows from this fix. I have avoided building templates/doing transclusions/etc. here because I'm not sure how people feel about them. Niet3sche Talk 06:55, 26 February 2012 (UTC)
    • IMO, this would best be done ala this page and a "Plate" template. The "Plate" template would, of course, have a space for "type" and this type would drive the color (e.g. green, blue, orange ... purple? Are there purple plates?). Just my $0.02. Niet3sche Talk 07:11, 26 February 2012 (UTC)
    • Sorry to come in again, but take a look at the Unyielding Plate page. Niet3sche Talk 07:52, 26 February 2012 (UTC)

Notes for Later[edit | edit source]

  • The boss of Forest Sanctuary is called a Vepres, a purple and white striped quadripedal beast with wings, sharp teeth in its mouth, and no noticable eyes
    • It has three "attacks" - a roar that creates a circle sign on the ground where rocks crash into, a small swoop and then a forward lunge, and a "rest" phase in which it recovers HP, and only its MP (?) is damaged in its stead, until its MP runs out (like Mana Shield from Mabinogi, except with an Advanced Heavy Stander effect too)
  • The boss of Marauder's Lair is Umnod, a huge minotaur with armor
    • It has a charge attack, a horizontal swipe, a vertical swing, and a "powered" slash that first makes a horizontal, proximate cut, and then has a delayed shockwave a little farther out
    • Tends to stampede, which can at least stun, if not damage, the other monsters in the area
  • The boss of Inner Catacombs is another minotaur whose name started with a V (Valahud?)
    • Essentially the same as Umnod, but it doesn't seem to have the shockwave attack, and this one also seems to have an attack where a roar produces light (that MAY damage the player) and produces some kind of boost, judging by the crown that appears over its and the other monsters' heads
    • As well, this minotaur has a roar attack where the long stretch of area in front of it is blasted multiple times with light
  • For the archer advancement test, the player is required to go and collect an orb (that I forgot the name of) from Umnod, and then give it to Adeline before she lets the player choose the class
    • At the same time Adeline also gives a reward to the player, depending on what secondary class the player chooses
    • The scroll of unlearning is received via another quest with Irine, and she also gives the player a set of Dragon Vault sets, whether in red, green, or blue, which doesn't seem to have an aethetic change, just stats
  • Grr...Staff Upgrades is pretty stubborn...I haven't found a template for it, and it should be in the respective pages, but how should I do this...a table similar to Enhancement, maybe?
  • What's the point of the Patches page's format? It seems easier to use with just bulleted lists...
  • Integrate Template:Dungeon Modes E-M into Template:Dungeon Modes so that the Abyss difficulty can be hidden by default if there's nothing in it...and see if all modes can be put into one template.
  • Make Template:Fields Page, even if it's just for the map.
  • Insert Dragon Nest Updates into the front page, when I finally get around to remaking it.
  • Try to make some sort of background for tabs, so that the maps actually look like maps and not squiggly gray blobs. (Or maybe get better pictures? If possible.)

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