Tempest/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Untouchable Active Evades the enemy attacks at a set percent rate. Spirit Shot, Spiral Kick, and Butterfly Float can be used during this skill. Nature's Rage Level 1 45
Kick Shot +.png
Kick Shot + Passive Strengthens the Kick Shot skill to increase the charge distance. At this time, the skill will be used if the Regular Attack Button is pressed. Kick Shot Level 6 47
Hurricane Dance.png
Hurricane Dance Active Strongly kick the enemies in the front. When the kick lands on an enemy, all of that enemy's skills are nullified. A powerful combo is unleashed afterwards. Ignores invincibility and blocks Untouchable Level 1 50
Marionette +.png
Marionette + Passive Strengthens Marionette, increasing width and super armor destruction rate. Also temporarily increases the Acrobat's physical damage dealt and enemies' physical damage received. Marionette Level 1
Kick Shot + Level 1
Somersault Dance +.png
Somersault Dance + Passive During Somersault Dance, the Acrobat generates a tornado that increases AoE size. Somersault Dance Level 1 60

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