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NPC Name Teluna
Gender Female
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Dark Elf Queen
Location Hermalte Port

Teluna is a Dark Elf who can be found at Hermalte Port. She is very friendly and is quick to make friends with the player. She found a copy of Divine Flirtations and she was captivated by human fashion and wishes to explore the human world.

First Teluna requests the player for a nice looking handkerchief that she found in the magazine. The handkerchief was no longer being sold so the player requests Kelly's help to create one. Teluna then become Kelly's pen pal. Teluna visits the dungeons around Hermalte Port with the player.

Teluna saddened

Teluna reveals that she had to defend herself against several soldiers of the Saint's Haven Royal Army, The player tells her that humans don't wish to be killed, but she argues that the soldiers are at odds against Dark Elves. She was greatly saddened by the antagonistic relationship between humans and Dark Elves and she wishes that they could live in peace.

Teluna reveals that the Dark Elves do have a tree of life like the Elves, but their tree is dying. She also reveals that Elena was the Dark Elf Queen and she decided to fight with the Black Dragon Karas in order to gain power to revive their tree of life. After Elena left for war, Teluna took her place as their queen. After learning of Elena's death, she vows vengeance against the humans including the player and thus their friendship disbanded. Teluna assures that she will not hesitate to kill the player.

Recently, another Dark Elf named Malena has ousted Teluna from the throne, and pleads the player to help her. Malena wishes to wage total war against the humans, and had her army attack the Royal Army soldiers at Collapsed Mine. Teluna helped to minimize the casualties there and requests the players aid to reclaim the throne from Malena.
Teluna asks the player to collect a Shadow Tree Branch from Honest Ed to create a Shadow Queen Symbol as the seal of the Dark Elf Queen.

Teluna asks the player to meet her loyal servant Liss at Death City Entrance. Liss begs for Teluna's return because Malena is causing a large number of casualties. Teluna, Liss, and her loyalists then confront Malena to reclaim the throne, although she says her goodbyes to the player as it is not their war.

Some time later, Kelly received a mail from Teluna to meet with the player. Teluna reveals that she and her army have successfully defeated Malena and has taken the throne back. Teluna promised that the Dark Elves will never attack the humans again as long as she is their queen.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Teluna uses Elena's character model with a different color scheme.