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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Wide Stinger Active Summon Wide Stinger and shoot frontal enemies. Induce "Weaken" debuff on targets. Under the debuff, the critical chance of Praetor and General Dawn Blade is increased by 90%. Deals extra damage under "Strengthen Spirit" status. Storm of Ewinia Level 1 45
Stalker +.png
Stalker + Passive Strengthens Stalker, increasing damage, AOE size, and launches targets. Stalker Level 6 48
Praetor Active Summon Praetor and deal 3 hits on the ground. 50% chance to stun target. Deal extra damage under "Strengthen Spirit" status. Wide Stinger Level 1 50
Dusk Hunter +.png
Dusk Hunter + Passive Strengthens Dusk Hunter damage by 30%. Shortly after the arrow is shot and is implanted in the ground, there will be an explosion in front of the arrow. This explosion causes enemies to fly upward. Stalker + Level 1
Dusk Hunter + Level 1
Abolisher +.png
Abolisher + Active Strengthens Abolisher, granting it the ability to create 2 additional shockwaves. Abolisher Level 1 60

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