Soul Eater/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Specter of Torment.png
Specter of Pain Active Launch a Specter of Pain to damage enemies. The specter inflicts the "Spirit Curse" debuff which explodes after it stacks to 3. Dragon's Soul Level 1 45
Spirit Creeps +.png
Spirit Paper + Passive Strengthens Spirit Paper, increasing damage and number of birds by 2. Birds will deal 2 hits and explodes on contact, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Spirit Paper + launches and additional bird at the Branded target. Spirit Paper Level 6 47
Soul Shriek.png
Spirit Scream Active Summon a Grudge Spirit to unleash a howl at enemies. Inflicts a debuff that prevents enemies from dealing critical strikes. Also increases the critical strike chance against them and reduces their critical resistance. Specter of Pain Level 1 50
Cling Snake +.png
Cling Snake + Passive Strengthens Cling Snake, increasing damage, AoE size, and number of snakes by 1. Causes enemies to become immobilized for 3 seconds. Cling Snake Level 1
Spirit Paper + Level 1
Ghost Gate +.png
Soul Gate + Passive Strengthens Soul Gate, increasing damage. Occasionally fire a large spirit that explodes on contact, knocking enemies down. Soul Gate Level 1 60