Sniper/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Lucky Shot.png
Lucky Shot Active At a set rate, additional damage is given when the attack deals critical damage on the enemy. Arrow Barrage Level 1 45
Charged Shot +.png
Charged Shot + Passive Strengthen the Charged Shot skill to increase the forward attack range by 30% and deals additional damage. Charged Shot Level 11 48
Deathbloom Active Summon a large flower 6m in the front. During the first 8 seconds after being summoned, the flower sprays pollens that entices the approaching enemies and explodes after 8 seconds, causing damage. Lucky Shot Level 1 50
Aerial Chain Shot +.png
Aerial Chain Shot + Passive Strengthens Aerial Chain Shot, increasing damage and causes arrows to explode on impact. Click the special attack mouse button to fire a barrage of 8 arrows. Aerial Chain Shot Level 1
Charged Shot + Level 1
Siege Stance +.png
Siege Stance + Passive Strengthens Siege Stance, increasing damage and grants an alternate shooting style. Click the special attack mouse button to fire a fan of arrows that has a shorter range but wider AoE than the normal shot variant. Ward of the Spirit Level 1 60

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