Slime Surge

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Summon Slime.png
Active Skill
Neutral Element.png Neutral

Fire a bubble which turns into a slime. Requires at least 2 Phantoms. Slimes gain more attacks if more Phantoms are consumed. Only 2 Slimes per player can be active at one time. Slimes persist for 60 seconds.

  • 2 Phantoms: Normal attack and Fire attack
  • 4 Phantoms: Ice attack
  • 6 Phantoms: Poison attack


Slime attacks count towards the player's combo hit counter. Slimes inherit the player's Magic Attack Power. Slimes do not generate threat but can be damaged. Slimes do not obstruct the actions of others.

Its Fire attack can burn targets. Its Ice attack has a chance to freeze targets. Its Poison attack can poison targets.

Obtaining the Skill


  • Character level 17


RankReq. LevelSP Cost EffectMana ConsumedDurationCast TimeCooldown Time
1 17 10 257.3% + 105 2.7% of Base MP60s?s40s
2 20 4 257.9% + 128 2.7% of Base MP60s?s40s
3 23 4 258.8% + 153 2.7% of Base MP60s?s40s
3 26 4 259.3% + 179 2.7% of Base MP60s?s40s