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Skills are the unique abilities the player can use to perform special functions. Skills differ from class to class, and also can serve different purposes.

Types of Skills[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

These skills are the most used of all types. They are normally activated using the hotkey bar (keybinding 1-0 default), although some skills can be triggered with other keys or even the mouse button. Most can be activated with no conditions, unlike passive skills. The icon is highlighted in blue.

Ultimate[edit | edit source]

These skills have a major effect either on the caster or on the enemy/ies. They have a long cooldown compared to normal active skills. The icons are highlighted in purple. Each class has 2 ultimate skills and players are allowed to learn both. If both ultimate skills are learned, using one will cause both ultimate skills to go on cooldown, thus players are only allowed to use one at any given time.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Those skills serve a utility purpose, and are activated under certain conditions. Some simply add to stats like HP and damage dealt, while others activate using a key or mouse button in a sequence or under certain conditions (eg. Parry has a chance of activating when hit while standing still). They are highlighted in yellow.

Passive Enhance[edit | edit source]

These skills are a special type of passive skills that enhance an existing skill. For example, Triple Slash + adds an attack triggered using the special attack button. They may also be called "EX" skills, as the sills originally had an EX suffix in KDN. The icons are highlighted in magenta.

Skill Points[edit | edit source]

Skill points (also known as SP) are used to learn new Skills to use. Each level gained after level 1 will reward the player with 3 sp, up to a maximum of 147 skill points at level 50 and a cap of 91 SP per class.

At first the character will have only a few choices in putting skill points for a couple of reasons:

  • There is a cap on how many points can be spent per one class.
  • Certain skills require the character to be at a certain level to put points into.
    • Second and third class trees will need a certain amount of SP invested into the previous tree (eg. Blade Storm requires 45SP in the Warrior class)

As levels are gained this cap increases, and once specialized into a sub class, both the original class and the sub class will have their own separate cap.

Using Skill Points[edit | edit source]

All skill point allocation happens in the Skills tab (default keybinding:K).

  • On the upper left side is the navigation for the different skills trees.
  • The bottom left side shows how many Skill points have been spent, the allocations in class and specialization, and how many skill points are left for use.
  • The rest of the window contains all the skills of each skill tree.

Each skill has it's place in the tree, with higher level skills being further down. Some skills require other skills to be learned and/or a certain amount of SP invested into the previous tree (this is shown by arrows leading to the ability), and rolling the mouse cursor over the skills reveals their stats, including requirements and future rank upgrades.

Skills that become available to learn will have a red flag next to them. To learn a skill for the first time, simply click on the red flag and pay the skill fee. This can be done from anywhere, including within a dungeon.

When a skill is available to be upgraded, a plus sign will appear next to the ability signifying that skill points can be spent on it. Simply click the plus sign of the skill you want to upgrade and confirm the SP that is being spent. You can repeat this action as many times as the plus sign is lit up.

Most skills cost 3 SP to learn and 1 SP to upgrade per level. There are however exceptions to this.

Resetting Skill Points[edit | edit source]

There is an item called a Scroll of Unlearning which will upon use refund all spent skill points. This item is naturally obtained once you have chosen a specialization and complete the final quest to receive it. Outside of this one quest the only other way to obtain this item is to buy it from the Dragon Vault for 19,800 NX , qualify for a scroll event, or receive the scroll at lvl 30 and 50. If you wish to save this item for future use, simply do not finish the Irine's Specialization Gift quest.