Shooting Star/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Splash Active Splashes 5 cannon bullets infront. Demolition Level 1 45
Pingpong Bomb.png
Super Ball + Passive Improves Super Ball by granting it additional damage and allows it to hit 2 additional targets Super Ball Level 6 48
Alfredo Overdrive.png
Alfredo Overdrive Passive Alfredo shoots lasers in 4 different directions. Splash Level 1 50
Alfredo Stomp.png
Alfredo Smash + Passive Strengthens Alfredo Smash, increasing damage and inflicts a second shockwave that knocks enemies down. Alfredo Smash Level 1
Super Ball + Level 1
Mine Thrower.png
Make It Rain + Passive Strengthens Make It Rain, increasing damage and AoE size. Make It Rain Level 1 60
Iron Alfredo Passive Gives the Shooting Star 10% addtional Physical damage and Alfredo +100% HP N/A 65
Chemical Missile.png
Chemical Missile + Passive Strengthens Chemical Missile, increasing number of hits and total damage. Chemical Missile Level 1 70
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Engineer tree.

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