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Overview[edit | edit source]

Secondary Skills consist of three skills - Cooking, Farming, and Fishing - that all classes can acquire during the course of Irine's Farming for Fun and Profit sidequest. The primary purpose of all three skills are to acquire the necessary ingredients to cook items which affect various player stats in dungeons, nests, etc. Unlike Skills, secondary skills do not require or consume SP to progress. Rather, as the player cooks, farms and fishes the respective level of each skill gradually increases.

Obtaining the Skills[edit | edit source]

The player acquires secondary skills after the completion of Irine's Farming for Fun and Profit quest.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

A number of items necessary for all three secondary skills can be purchased from Maury on Old Maury's Farm. This consists of both consumable and indestructible items. Farming and Fishing are performed by traveling to the Public Farm region of Old Maury's Farm.

How to[edit | edit source]

To perform a secondary skill, the player begins by accessing their Skills menu. Then, on the left hand side, as shown at right, select Secondary Skills. Here, Cooking and Fishing can be performed by selecting Cook and Fish. Alternatively, these actions can be assigned to a shortcut key. Farming is not performed in this fashion, and is instead performed by interacting directly with the plots of land on the Public Farm.
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