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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Holy Shield.png
Holy Shield Active Fills the caster and the surrounding allies with holy power for a set duration, restoring HP at a set percentage of the caster's Magic Attack Strength whenever the caster and the allies are hit by the enemies. Miracle Relic Level 1 45
Lightning Relic +.png
Lightning Relic + Passive Enhance Lightning Relic skill to generate Electric field within the range of 2m near Relic to deal an extra 25% additonal damage to nearby enemies. Lightning Relic Level 6 47
Relic Reaction.png
Relic Reaction Active Casts lightning bolts around the 5m range of the relic summoned by the caster, attacking the enemies near the relic. Holy Shield Level 1 50
Healing Relic +.png
Healing Relic + Passive Strengthens Healing Relic, increasing AoE size. Also grants healed targets temporary minor damage reduction. Healing Relic Level 1
Lightning Relic + Level 1
Cure Relic +.png
Cure Relic + Passive Strengthens Cure Relic, increasing AoE size. Also grants Cure Relic pulses to push enemies back. Cure Relic Level 1 60

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