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Ruins of Lost Time Loading Screen.jpg
Dungeon Name Ruins of Lost Time
Location Port Hermalte
Level Range 36 ~ ?
Difficulties Available Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss
Number of Rooms

Dungeon Summary

• Easy •

Recommended Level 36
Recommended Party Size 1
EXP Gained EXP.png
Money Reward 0 Gold.png 90 Silver.png 0 Copper.png
None.png None.png None.png
None.png None.png None.png

Ruins of Lost Time Boss.png
Boss Name: White Tail Rubaq
Level HP
Species Unknown Movement Speed
Amount Spawned 1 Element
Need Icon.png

Monster Spawns


Obtained From Objective Reward

(Nest) Terminated
Obtained From Objective Reward
Strange Technician Unlock Kevin's memories at the Ruins of Lost Time Average Altheum.png x 5, Average Diamond.png x 2
0 EXP.png
1 Gold.png 58 Silver.png 26 Copper.png
An Unexpected Gift
Obtained From Objective Reward
Teluna Talk to Teluna at the Lost Ruins of Time.
143024 EXP.png
1 Gold.png 35 Silver.png 0 Copper.png
Obtained From Objective Reward


Empowerment Consumption (Total)

Dungeon Map

Need Image.png
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