Recruit Gauntlet

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Gauntlet 015 View 1.png
Gauntlet 015.png
Frame Equip Magic.png
Recruit Gauntlet
Binds when Obtained
Level Req: 15 +
Class: Warrior
Type: Gauntlet
Rarity: Magic
Durability: 100
(Cannot be traded)
Cannot be extracted. Cannot be enhanced
Base Stats (Lowest possible)
Phys Dmg: 36-55
Magic Dmg: 25-38
A mercenary gauntlet that has been modified so that it can be worn by younger mercenaries. It has a nice fit.
Sell Price: ???
Obtain Information
Quest: Destroy the Generator

The following additional stat ranges has also been observed:

  • Strength: +6
  • MAX HP: +51