Prelude Shortbow

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Prelude Shortbow
Level Req: 7 +
Class: Archer
Type: Shortbow
Rarity: Rare
Durability: 100
Base Stats (Lowest possible)
Phys Dmg: 35-42
Magic Dmg: 28-35
Critical: 117
Set Items
Prelude Hairband
Prelude Dress
Prelude Leggings
Prelude Mittens
Prelude Booties
Prelude Shortbow
Prelude Longbow
Prelude Crossbow
Prelude Quiver
Set Bonus
3 - Increases Final Damage: 2
5 - Increases Agility: 3
7 - Increases Defense: 50
7 - Increases Magic Def: 35
7 - Increases Final Damage: 4
Sell Price: ???
Obtain Information
Quest: Reward from Baralika Reborn

This item is a part of the Prelude Set.