Prelude Shirt

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Warrior Body Armor 001.png
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Prelude Shirt
Level Req: 5 +
Class: Warrior
Type: Body Armor
Rarity: Magic
Durability: 100
Cannot be extracted. Cannot be enhanced
Base Stats (Lowest possible)
Defense 172
Magic Defense 98
Set Items
Prelude Helmet
Prelude Shirt
Prelude Pants
Prelude Gloves
Prelude Boots
Prelude Greatsword
Prelude Hammer
Prelude Axe
Prelude Gauntlet
Set Bonus
3- Increases Final Damage: 2
5- Increases Strength: 3
7- Increases Defense: 70
7- Increases Magic Def: 30
7- Increases Final Damage: 3
Sell Price:
Obtain Information
Quest: Finding Rose

This item is a part of the Prelude Set for Warriors.