Physician/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Lovesick Active Fire a beam that charms enemies, reversing the targets that they consider as friends and enemies. Also increases magic damage received by 10%. Persists for 6 seconds. Poison Pool Level 1 45
Injection +.png
Injection + Passive Enhances Injection, increases damage by 20% and self-healing by 1% HP per hit. Also heals nearby friendly characters within 5m by 8% of the caster's magic attack power per hit. Injection Level 6 47
Good Vibrations.png
Good Vibrations Active Consume all stacks of Phantom to heal nearby friendly characters. Increases healing done by 15% per stack of Phantom. Lovesick Level 1 50
Contagion +.png
Contagion + Passive Strengthen Contagion, increasing the number of flasks to 3. Enemies hit by Contagion + will receive additional damage for a short period. Contagion Level 1
Injection + Level 1
Toxic Twirl +.png
Toxic Twirl + Passive Strengthen Toxic Twirl, increasing damage. Click the normal attack mouse button before landing to drop a flask of poison. After that attack, Roto-whirl can be used. Toxic Twirl Level 1 60