Old Pouch

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Old Pouch.png
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Old Pouch
Stack: 100
Rarity: Normal
[Random Item]
An old pouch that holds various items.
Sell Price: 1 Copper
Obtain Information
Dropped From: Fishing

Old Pouches are a class of Random Items that are obtained through Fishing. Below are a list of items that can be obtained from Old Pouches. The probabilities are roughly estimated from 480 cases. Most items obtained from Old Pouches are of Normal rarity, with the exception of the Goddess Teardrop.

Name Icon Probability Miscellaneous Sell Price
Bone Fragment
The chalky dust of shattered bones. Can be sold to merchants in towns.
7.2% 0Gold 0Silver 50Copper

Broken Nightmare Crystal x 3
Evidence that the Goddess's nightmares have been purified. You should be able to sell it for a good price to a merchant.
1.3% 0Gold 10Silver 0Copper

Chipped Bat Fang
The chipped fang of a tooth. Completely useless.
38.8% 0Gold 0Silver 8Copper

Cube Fragment
This was chipped of a cube in the heat of battle.
4.8% Used for cooking. 0Gold 0Silver 35Copper

Dimensional Crystal Fragment x 4
Fragments of the broken dimensional border. Touching it evokes thoughts of the otherworld. Obtained from the Dimensional Rabbit Box when you clear a dungeon on Abyss difficulty.
1.3% 0Gold 40Silver 0Copper

Embroidered Wrist Guard
One of four. This once belonged to a lami.
5.4% Used for cooking. 0Gold 1Silver 50Copper

Empty Honey Jar
Ogres carry an empty jar on them at all times so that they can collect honey, their favorite snack. Just in case.
5.8% 0Gold 2Silver 90Copper

Glossy Carapace
The carapace of a blue spider. These smooth, glassy shells are often used in ornaments. Fetches quite a high price from merchants.
1.0% 0Gold 25Silver 0Copper

Goddess Teardrop
A solidified chunk of the Abyss itself. It looks like a clear water droplet.
0.2% 1Gold 0Silver 0Copper

Motion Sickness Meds
Motion sickness is an occupational hazard for trolls
5.6% 0Gold 1Silver 0Copper

Old Headband
This goblin headband has a tribe crest sewn on it
5.6% 0Gold 0Silver 18Copper

Shield Hilt
The hilt of a shield.
5.4% 0Gold 0Silver 70Copper

Sticky Spit
Poisonous spitflower sap.
5.0% Used for cooking. 0Gold 0Silver 55Copper

Tattered Leather Bandanna
Tattered and dirty.
2.1% 0Gold 19Silver 0Copper

Toothless Blade
A rusted, worthless blade.
8.1% 0Gold 0Silver 14Copper

Worthless Tooth Chip
This poochum tooth fragment is almost certainly useless
2.3% 0Gold 9Silver 50Copper