Nature's Rage

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Nature's Rage.png
Active Skill
Neutral Element.png Neutral
26 Gold 20 Silver 0 Copper

(Ultimate) Charge forward, dealing a fury of attacks. You take less damage during this skill.


This skill uses in order: Original Cyclone Kick, a combo of side kick, something similar to Somersault Kick followed with Air Pounce, Eagle Dive, Kick shot and finally Furious Winds

Obtaining the Skill


Talk to any Archer Skill Trainer to buy the skill.


RankReq. LevelSP Cost EffectMana ConsumedCooldown Time
1 40 10 Damage Taken: -50%
Magic Damage Taken: -50%
Physical Damage: 3012% + 31102
6.7% of Base MP125s
2 40 1 Damage Taken: -50%
Magic Damage Taken: -50%
Physical Damage: 3614% + 46653
6.7% of Base MP125s