Moonlord/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Moon Blade Dance.png
Moon Blade Dance Active Jump into the air and shoot 5 sword waves in a downward diagonal. Can be used in the air. Blade Storm Level 1 45
Moonlight Splitter EX.png
Moonlight Splitter + Passive Strengthens Moonlight Splitter so that sword waves will incur additional range attack damage upon impact. Moonlight Splitter Level 6 48
Flash Stance.png
Flash Stance Active Stand in a ready position. Burst out the sword waves when attack button is pressed. Huge sword wave shoots and cancels ready position when special attack button is pressed. Moon Blade Dance Level 1 50
Cyclone Slash +.png
Cyclone Slash + Passive Strengthens Cyclone Slash, increasing damage, AoE size, and duration. Also grants Cyclone Slash a suction effect that draws enemies into the cyclone. Moonlight Splitter + Level 1
Cyclone Slash Level 1
Crescent Cleave +.png
Crescent Cleave + Passive Strengthens Crescent Cleave. Increases damage output by 30% and reduces casting time. Also adds additional waves when attack button is clicked. Crescent Cleave Level 1 60
Magic Touch.png
Magic Touch Passive Increases Magic Damage in relation to the amount of Intellect after hitting an enemy with a magical attack. None 65
Halfmoon Slash + Passive Strengthens Halfmoon Slash. Increases damage output. Also adds an additional wave running in the opposite direction. Halfmoon Slash Level 1 70