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A young mandragora who can be found around Hermalte Port. He fashions himself as the prince of the wetlands and often challenges the player to text-based combat. Son of Mama Mandra.

Chapter 4: Saint's Haven Royal Castle[edit | edit source]

Mandra can first be seen at River Ruins where he declared that the player is trespassing on his land. Later at Submerged Ruins the player requested a leaf from him to cure a boy's mother. He reveals that consuming the entire mandragora would provide eternal life. Mandra became friends with the player because s/he chose not to take his life.

Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant[edit | edit source]

Honest Ed was interested in selling mandragoras. He found Mandra at Center of Deserted Island. The player tried to fight Honest Ed but lost. Mama Mandra then showed up to defend Mandra. She offered her life in exchange for his. Honest Ed was touched by her motherly love and decided to spare them.