Light Bringer/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Miraculous Chakrea Active Heals allies based on your Physical Damage. Ring of Energy Level 1 45
Outbreak + Passive Allows the user to cancel the skill and leave a chakra ball behind that deals 80% damage. Outbreak Level 6 48
Sunshine Spark Active Enemies hit take an additional 20% damage. Miraculous Chakra Level 1 50
Energetic Chakra + Passive Grants a speed buff with Energetic Chakra Energetic Level 1
Outbreak + Level 1
Strike Ring + Passive Increases Damage by 50% and AoE. Strike Ring Level 1 60
Light Chakra Passive Increases own Light Attack by 10%, and increases Physical Damage by 10% after using Outbreak or Miraculous Chakra. N/A 65
Healing Chakra + Passive Adds a 50% damage reduction effect. Healing Chakra Level 1 70
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Taoist tree.