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NPC Name Liam
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation None
Location Tel Numara

A student of Varnak and father of the player Warrior or alternatively, Shian. He is known as the Blue Wolf. Liam is one of the seven Apostles along with Elena, Ignacio, Kalahan, and Typhoon Krag who serves an unnamed man.

He was a drill sergeant, training the player Warrior for years until he suddenly walked out on his son to seek the Warrior's Pinnacle, the highest rank of strength a warrior can reach. Currently located at Tel Numara.

Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

Liam was first seen when Ignacio was running away with Rose. Liam knocked the player out without a word then he and Ignacio disappeared.

Chapter 1: Kali[edit | edit source]

Liam was discovered standing in the middle of the Kali's burning village among the dead bodies of her sisters. He sent a few Goblins to attack her then left.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[edit | edit source]

Liam was discovered at East Armory. He revealed his name then mocked the Kali and left.