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NPC Name Jasmine
Gender Female
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation None
Location Unknown

A Tinkerer from 50 years in the future. She created 30 homunculi including the player Tinkerer powered by shards of an energy crystal. She sent the Tinkerer 50 years into the past to the present time in attempt to save the world of her time. She contacts the player Tinkerer as well as provide skill training through the Tinkerer Station.

The player Tinkerer discovered the truth behind herself and Jasmine and Jasmine decided to give up on her quest.

Chapter 1: Tinkerer[edit | edit source]

Jasmine requested the player to help retrieve the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb. She reveals that Brother Jacob is the one who stole the artifacts and requests the player to not interfere with Jacob's meeting with Ethan explaining that it was important for his character growth.

Jasmine also revealed that Ethan and Angelica are 2 of the Six Heroes from the future but warned the player to not reveal that s/he was from the future.

Chapter 2: Pursuing the Black Knight (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

Jasmine revealed that Argenta and Velskud are 2 of the Six Heroes from the future.

In the Tinkerer job advancement quest, Jasmine revealed that the reason that Kevin died when he returned to the past is because he cannot co-exist within the same time as his past self.

Chapter 3: Red-Eyed Dark Elf (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

Jasmine revealed Elena's plan to attack Carderock Pass and requested the player to stop Elena's plan. She also revealed that Shian and Triana are 2 of the Six Heroes from the future.

Chapter 4: Saint's Haven Royal Castle (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

Jasmine requested the player to aid the assault on Velskud's fortress.

Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

Jasmine revealed that Ignacio is bad. Jasmine also revealed that Gerrant's nest in the Royal Castle basement will be neutralized but she doesn't know how. She requested the player to work alongside King Cassius III and try to rescue Rose from Ignacio.

Jasmine also requested the player to help Velskud to recover.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven (Tinkerer)[edit | edit source]

At Lotus Marsh, Jasmine revealed that Rose wasn't at Lotus Marsh. After XD-24 gave the player her communicator, Jasmine noted that the communicator had a different identity code. After XD-24 revealed to the player that they were homunculi, the player confronted Jasmine demanding the truth.

Jasmine confirmed XD-24's story and mentioned that she enjoyed being the player's sister up until that point. She also explained that she had lost hope for the future after so many failures and decided to give up on her quest. The player Tinkerer decided to continue without Jasmine's help and ended the record of her adventure in the Tinkerer Station.