Iron Skin

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Iron Skin.png
Active Skill
Neutral Element.png Neutral

Enter a powerful Super Armor state for a few seconds, decreasing the damage you take and preventing you from being stunned.


  • Prevents being launched while the buff is active but the user can be launched at the instant of activation without interrupting the skill. However, the user is vulnerable during the first part of the animation before the blue aura appears and the skill's effects are applied.

Obtaining the Skill


  • Character Level 30

Talk to any Warrior Skill Trainer to buy the skill.


RankReq. LevelSP Cost Damage ReductionMana ConsumedDurationCooldown Time
1 30 1 15.0% 1.5% of Base MP30s45s
2 40 1 30.0% 1.8% of Base MP30s45s
3 50 1 45.0% 2.1% of Base MP30s45s
4 60 1 60.0% 2.4% of Base MP30s45s