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A player's inventory

The inventory (Glossary: "Inv") interface is the representation of that player's bags. When items are picked up (Default Keybinding: F) they are automatically put into your General tab. Other tabs hold various other things lile NX bought items. Also shown at the bottom is your correct currency totals. When in dungeons; knowing how much space the player has left in their inventory is valuable, especially when running multiple dungeons.

The Inventory Interface[edit | edit source]

The interface itself is divided into five parts: the General, Quest, NX, Gesture, and Mount tabs.

  • General: This tab holds all items that can be found on the ground and in chests, like Lustres and equipment. This is the only tab that can be sorted, and doing so puts each item into order based on what it is. To sort, simply click the "Sort Items" button at the bottom.
  • Quest: All quest items will be put into here. These items cannot me moved or deleted, and are tied to what quests the player currently has. Most quests items do not need to be picked up, and are automatically sent to the player's bags when you meet the conditions.
  • NX: Any items that are obtained from the Dragon Vault are sent here. This includes free gifts and purchased items. These items cannot be rearranged, but can usually be equipped and consumed. Note that most items here have an expiration time in which the items are remove from the NX tab and character.
  • Gesture: The Gesture tab lists all social actions the character can use. These can be dragged to the social quickslots . The social quickslots can be seen by using the Combat Toggle (Default Keybinding: Tab), and when used have an audio effect along with a character animation. These have no combat uses, and switching to the Social quickslots hides the character's Skills.
  • Mount: The Mount tab is used to store mounts, which are vehicles that increase the character's movement speed. There are currently no mounts implemented into the North American Servers.

Storage[edit | edit source]

Storage is a place where items from the General tab of the inventory can be stored for later use. To store items talk to a Warehouse manager, who are located in every town. Any items in storage cannot be access out in the field, nor can quest or NX items be stored. Currency can also be placed in storage.

Increasing Inventory and Storage[edit | edit source]

When a character is first made, they are given 30 inventory spaces and 10 storage spaces. Quests in Carderock Pass will eventually allow the player to increase their storage to 20 spaces. After these quests, the only way to add more space is to purchase it from the Dragon Vault.

Items that increase Inventory and Storage Slots:

  • Adventurer's Bags: Upgrades your inventory. These items can be bought from the Dragon Vault, and come in two variates. The first is a five (5) slot upgrade for 2,900 NX, and 30 slot upgrade for 13,000 NX.
  • Extra Storage: Upgrades your Storage. These items can be bought from the Dragon Vault, and come in two variates. The first is a five (5) slot upgrade for 1,900 NX, and 30 slot upgrade for 8,900 NX.