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In Dragon Nest, Status effects aside, every offensive skill will induce an effect on enemies that is hit, similar to fighting games. There are 6 different properties an attack can inflict.

Paralyze[edit | edit source]

Most attack in this game will inflict Paralyze effect. While in the affect the victim will be in the paralyzed pose for a short amount of time and cannot do anything, with the exception of special skills (such as mercenary's counter howl).

The length of the pose will be dependent on the attacker's Paralyze stat and the victim's Paralyze resist stat, which is dependent on Strength and Vitality stat.

Stagger[edit | edit source]

Some attack will lead into the the Stagger effect. Staggered the victim will will be unable to do anything during the animation much like paralyzed effect, this effect can be cancelled with the same skills that can cancel out the Paralyze effect.

Characters in staggering animation will be sent into low float status by any attack except a float attack, in which then will do what it usually does.

Rolling[edit | edit source]

Float[edit | edit source]

Stun[edit | edit source]

Paralyze and stagger attacks have a chance of inflicting Stun, the higher the stat Stun is, higher chance you have inflicting it.

Stunned animation will last approximately 2 seconds and turn into Downed status. While in animation the victim will gain high superamor.

Downed[edit | edit source]

While not directly associated with attacks, enemies hit by a Floater will eventually fall to the ground. In this state, the downed Player may use their Wake Up Attack immediately, do tech roll after a while, or simply wait until your character gets up. A character recovering from a Low Float can get up much faster than a character in high float.

Only some attack that can hit enemies that is in downed status. This is known as a Knockdown Attack. Enemies hit by Knockdown Attacks of Stagger/Rolling/Paralyze properties will be in Low Float status again. Float attacks will usually have the same effect as normal on downed enemies (if they are Knockdown Attacks, that is).