Hidden Abilities

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A Rare ring displaying the normal number of revealed Hidden Abilities
A Rare bow displaying more Hidden Abilities than normal for its rarity

Note: As of March 2014, it has been supplanted by Dragon Gems.

Hidden Abilities are additional attributes granted to equipment and accessories by Sparks, which can be applied even if the items are sealed. They are noted by the blue text at the bottom of an item's tooltip.

The rarity of the Spark used determines the minimum number of Hidden Abilities that can be discovered, though discovering more than the minimum number is a rare event. Only one Spark can be used on an item and it will reveal the full number of Hidden Abilities on the item.

  • Normal items offer no Hidden Abilities.
  • Magic items offer at least one.
  • Rare items offer at least two.
  • Epic items offer at least three.

Hidden Abilities are independent of Enhancement levels or prefixes and suffixes. Items with revealed Hidden Abilities can be enhanced, crafted or sealed without removing their existing bonuses, which will be retained in the upgraded item.

Hidden Abilities can only be removed using a Reset Spark, which will remove all existing Hidden abilities when applied. Changing individual Hidden Abilities is not currently possible. Whenever an item is reset the number of Hidden Abilities revealed by a new Spark may be different from before the reset, down to the minimum possible for the item's rarity.

Known Hidden Abilities[edit | edit source]

Note: Items of all levels use the same percentages for their Hidden Abilities but the larger base values on higher leveled items will produce more significant bonuses.

Bonuses are selected randomly from the following (the list is still incomplete):

  • STR +4.50%
  • AGI +4.50%
  • INT +4.50%
  • INT +088%
  • VIT +4.50%
  • Max HP +4.50%
  • Max MP +4.50%
  • Minimum and Maximum Physical Damage +5.8%
  • Minimum and Maximum Magic Damage +5.8%
  • Fire Damage +8.00%
  • Ice Damage +8.00%
  • Dark Damage +8.00%
  • Light Damage +8.00%
  • Stun Resistance +3.50%
  • Stun +3.50%
  • Paralysis Resistance +3.50%
  • Paralysis +3.50%
  • Critical Resistance +3.50%
  • Critical +3.50%
  • Critical +12.75%
  • Physical Defense +3.50%
  • Magic Defense +3.50%