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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Divine Barrier.png
Divine Barrier Active Explodes the Guardian Bubble and inflicts damage on the enemies within a 3m radius. Casts a damage absorbing protection barrier on the allies in a 5m radius. Heart of Glory Level 1 47
Autoblock +.png
Autoblock + Passive Enhance Auto Block skill to obtain Guardian Bubble upon success of any defensive action. Each Guardian Bubble increases 2% of STR and 2% of INT. Stacks up to 10. Autoblock Level 6 45
Falling Angel.png
Falling Angel Active Soar into the air and rapidly crash down, dealing significant damage to the surrounding enemies and stunning them in the process. This deadly skill can be used by pressing the Jump Key mid-air. Divine Barrier Level 1 50
Stance of Faith +.png
Stance of Faith + Passive Allows the Guardian to walk around slowly during Stance of Faith and causes Stance of Faith to deal additional physical damage to nearby enemies. Stance of Faith Level 1
Autoblock + Level 1
Divine Ascension +.png
Divine Ascension + Passive Enchants Divine Ascension with Light element and causes Divine Ascension to also launch a slow moving vertical beam blade. Divine Ascension Level 1 60
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Paladin Tree

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