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0 Kills[edit | edit source]

Gobartan Goblin.png
Monster Name Tips
Gobartan Goblin Group them together and attack
Amount Spawned Notes
20-30 spawn at once

60 Kills[edit | edit source]

Slinger Goblin.png
Monster Name Tips
Slinger Goblin
Amount Spawned Notes
2-5 spawn at once after 60 Kills Throws rocks at the player, stunning them momentarily.

100 Kills[edit | edit source]

Monster Name Tips
Red Goblin(?)
Amount Spawned Notes
1-3 spawn at once after 100 Kills Ignites itself and charges at the player, tackling them down.

150 Kills[edit | edit source]

White Goblin.png
Monster Name Tips
White Goblin
Amount Spawned Notes
1-4 spawn at once after 150 Kills Can freeze a small area around them, slowing character movement for a few seconds.

200 Kills[edit | edit source]

Need Image.png
Monster Name Tips
 ? Goblin
Amount Spawned Notes
1-3 spawn at once after 200 Kills Able to preform a jump attack and knock the player back.

Boss[edit | edit source]

Monster Name Health Tips
Goblinidas x1 Bar
Amount Spawned Level Notes
1 10