Gladiator/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Feint Active Spin backward, evading enemy attack while attacking enemies in front. This can be triggered with the Jump Key during any attack motion. Infinity Edge Level 1 45
Triple Slash +.png
Triple Slash + Passive Strengthens Triple Slash, increasing damage. Grants an alternate swing style by using the special attack mouse button to stay in place and slash enemies into the air. Triple Slash Level 6 48
Coup De Grace.png
Coup De Grace Active Trip enemies with a low slash then slam down on them with the sword. When enemy's HP is below 60%, Coup de Grace deals additional damage for every 1% of total HP lost. Feint Level 1 50
Forward Thrust +.png
Forward Thrust + Passive Strengthens Forward Thrust, increasing thrust distance and damage. Click the attack mouse button at any time to execute a 360 degree attack. Click the special attack mouse button after the thrust to perform a jumping punch to launch enemies into the air. Forward Thrust Level 1
Triple Slash + Level 1
Hacking Stance +.png
Hacking Stance + Passive Strengthens Hacking Stance, increasing AoE size and damage. Click the special attack mouse button to launch targets into the air and end the stance. Hacking Stance Level 1 60
Hype Train Passive Increases Physical Damage by 6% after successfully landing a physical attack. Effect stacks up to 10 times and lasts for 5s. None 65
Frenzied Charge + Passive Strengthens Frenzied Charge, increasing damage and generating wind blades that deal damage. Frenzied Charge Level 1 60

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