Gear Master/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Chainsaw Quackum.png
Chainsaw Quackum Active Summons a Tower that launches buzzsaws. Deals additional damage to enemies near the tower. Sky Line Level 1 45
Quackum Crash +.png
Quackum Crash + Active Strengthens Quackum Crash, increasing the initial shot damage, HP, and duration of Quackums. Also grants Quackums the ability to spit bombs and breath fire. Quackum Crash Level 6 47
Gigaton Quack.png
Gigaton Quack Active Summons a Big exploding Quackum Crash above the Head and tosses it infront dealing powerful damage. Chainsaw Quackum Level 1 50
Quack Shock +.png
Quack Shock + Passive Strengthens Quack Shock, increasing damage and AoE size. Also causes Quack Shock to taunt enemies. Quack Shock Level 1
Quackum Crash Level 1
Quack Patrol +.png
Quack Patrol + Passive Strengthens Quack Patrol, increasing damage, AoE size, and temporarily increases the movement speed of Quackums when Quack Patrol is cast. Quack Patrol Level 1 60
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Engineer tree.

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