Future Kevin

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Future kevin.png
NPC Name Future Kevin
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation None
Location Black Mountain Foothills

The Strange Technician is a Future Kevin from 10 years later. He lives in a time where Goddess Vestinel has devastated Altera, and he invented the time traveling ship Apocalypse to return to the past in attempt to change the past for the better. Kevin lost his body and exists as a giant Wisp.

Future Kevin explains that Goddess Vestinel created the Red Dragon that defeated Argenta and Gerrant and destroyed the Monolith which was the connection between the world of Altera and Goddess Althea. Goddess Vestinel then brought a huge army of powerful monsters from her world to invade Altera. The player will become the hero of humanity and with the player's guidance, the surviving people of Altera hid underground. Future Kevin then created the Ship Apocalypse to travel back in time to warn Gerrant and the Six Heroes during the time of The Dragon Raid.

Unfortunately, during the travel, the ship Apocalypse became self aware and was corrupted by Goddess Vestinel's influence. When the Apocalypse reached the present day, it started to absorb all the monsters to gain power. Kevin's body was also absorbed but he managed to escape and exists as a Wisp. He reveals that he allowed his body to be absorbed so that he can learn about the inner workings of Apocalypse and to develop a method to penetrate his nest and defeat it.

Kevin relayed his blueprints of a compass that can be used to penetrate the Apocalypse nest and find the way to it. The player requested the aid of Stella to create the compass, but she lacked the engineering talent to create it. She then refers the player to Hubert who successfully creates the compass. After defeating the ship's controller, Kevin's Pilot Hat was retrieved from it and it was delivered to Hubert. The Strange Technician will then lose all attachments to the world and will disappear from Black Mountain Foothills.