Frost Quacker

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Ice Pump Tower.png
Active Skill
Ice Element.png Ice
? Gold ? Silver ? Copper

Drop a capsule that summons a duck-operated tower. The Ice Pump Tower showers its target area with ice shards a la Cerberus. The tower is able to fire at 3 targets simultaneously.


The cannon's attacks count towards the player's combo hit counter. Applies a chill effect that reduces the target's movement and action speeds.
Towers generate threat but are invincible. A player can only have 3 towers active at any one time.

Obtaining the Skill



RankReq. LevelSP Cost Physical DamageMana ConsumedDurationCast TimeCooldown Time
1 32 10 383.7% + 1939 3.7% of Base MP20s?s28s
2 35 4 388.4% + 3127 3.8% of Base MP20s?s28s
3 38 4 393.3% + 4099 4% of Base MP20s?s28s
4 41 4 397.9% + 5222 4% of Base MP20s?s28s