Frost Fangs

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Icicle Expression.png
Active Skill
Ice Element.png Ice
27 Gold

[Ultimate] Conjure an explosion of ice around the player. Consume up to 5 Phantoms to increase the size and damage. Also applies a chill effect that reduces action and movement speeds by 50%. Chill lasts for 10 seconds.

  • 3 Phantoms: AoE increased to 4 m, damage increased by 40%
  • 5 Phantoms: AoE increased to 5 m, damage increased by 80%


Obtaining the Skill



RankReq. LevelSP Cost EffectMana ConsumedDurationCast TimeCooldown Time
1 40 10 1518.5% 4.8% of Base MP10s?s125s