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Empowerment Points(PWR) are points given to players daily that increase the amount of experience that acquired while slaying monsters. Having 0 Empowerment Points does not prevent you from entering dungeons, but instead the drop rate will decrease to 20%. Quest experience is not affected by having 0 PWR. 800 Empowerment points are distributed to players at 9:00 AM PST(12:00 PM EST) every day. As of July 25, 2012, an additional 500 empowerment points are given weekly.

Hovering over the Empowerment Points bar in-game displays a box with the message:

"Your soul has been empowered by the essence of the
dragons, which earns you addition EXP from
dungeons. This empowerment is bestowed upon you
on a daily basis."

Empowerment Consumption Mechanics[edit | edit source]

PWR Consumption on the Dungeon Selection Screen

At the Dungeon Selection Screen, a PWR Consumption is displayed. PWR is consumed during the following events:

  • When the user changes floors.
  • When the user leaves the dungeon.

The amount of power consumed whenever the user changes floors can be calculated by dividing the PWR Consumption by the total number of floors rounded down?. Multiplying that number by the number of times the user changes floors (which is the same as the number of floors - 1) and subtracting it from the total PWR Consumption gives you the cost when exiting a dungeon.

If, for instance, the player decides to run Normal Mode of Temple of the Sleepers which consumes 125 PWR and has 4 floors, 31 PWR will be consumed each time the user changes floors (from first to second, second to third and third to fourth) and the remaining 32 PWR will be consumed when the user leaves the dungeon. No PWR is consumed when entering the dungeon; however, if the user leaves partially through the dungeon, PWR will still be consumed equal to the point cost for the floor. The user will NOT pay points for the entire dungeon.

The PWR Consumption of a dungeon depends on different factors:

  • The dungeon's difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Abyss) - The more difficult the dungeon is, the higher the cost.
  • The amount of people in the party - The more people there are in a party, the lower the cost.
  • The characters' level - Characters Level 60 and above consume more PWR than non- capped characters. Players below Lv. 60 consume 90% less PWR, while those at or above will consume power normally.
  • A party’s drop rate will be the average of the drop rates of all players in the party. For example, if a 4-player party has 2 members with no PWR and 2 members with remaining PWR, that party’s drop rate would be 60%.

Empowerment Consumption per Dungeon[edit | edit source]

The following table is based on the Empowerment Consumption in a one-person party.

DungeonDifficultyEmpowerment Consumed
Temple of the SleepersEasy?
Forest SanctuaryEasy?
Shadow Forest DepthsEasy50