Ecstatic Reprise

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Ecstatic Reprise.png
Passive Skill
Neutral Element.png Neutral

Click the special attack mouse button after 1.5 seconds of Ecstatic Dance to summon a dancing spirit Minotaur. Grants a buff to all nearby friendly characters that increases Max health pool and all healing received. Buff persists for 50 seconds.


The dance is General Ummanba's dance when he was first seen during the quest for Minotaur Nest.

Obtaining the Skill



RankReq. LevelSP Cost EffectMana ConsumedDurationCast TimeCooldown Time


Note: "Ecstatic Reprise" is a fan-made name created in an attempt to provide a handier alternative to "Ecstatic Dance Part 3". It is anticipated that Nexon NA will rename the skill to something else entirely when it is localized.