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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Breaking Point.png
Breaking Point Passive When an attack lands on the enemy, the enemy's super armor state is undone at a set rate and the attack deals a critical damage. Calamity Crush Level 1 45
Flying Swing EX.png
Flying Swing + Passive Strengthens Flying Swing skill to deal additional shockwave damage to 5m range after the first attack. Flying Swing Level 6 48
Maelstrom Howl.png
Maelstrom Howl Active Sucks the energy from the surrounding and explodes the energy to deal great damage to the surrounding enemies. Breaking Point Level 1 50
Punishing Swing EX.png
Punishing Swing + Passive Strengthens Punishing Swing, increasing damage and the bomb's explosion AoE size. Also enchants the attack with Fire element and inflicts burn damage. Punishing Swing Level 1
Flying Swing + Level 6
Circle Bombs EX.png
Bombs Away + Passive Strengthens Bombs Away, increasing damage and the explosion AoE size. Also adds a line of shockwave between the Destroyer and the explosion area that sucks enemies into the explosion area. Bombs Away Level 6 60
Destroyer Voice.png
Destroyer's Voice Passive All attacks deal additional damage after using Battle Howl, Taunting Howl, or Devastating Howl. Restores health per second after using Empowering Howl. N/A 65
Roll Attack.png
Roll Attack + Passive Strengthens Roll Attack, increasing damage, range and final explosion AoE size. Also adds additional rolls alongside the Destroyer. Roll Attack Level 6 70
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Mercenary tree.

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