Destroyer's Voice

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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Destroyer Voice.png
Passive Skill
Neutral Element.png Neutral
? Gold ? Silver ? Copper

All attacks deal additional damage after using Battle Howl, Taunting Howl, or Devastating Howl. Restores health per second after using Empowering Howl.


  • Using Empowering Howl after another howl does not reset the buff, reducing healing receieved
  • The heal is actually 30% of total life due to Empowering Howl increasing life when cast.

Obtaining the Skill


  • Character Level 65
  • 65 SP in Mercenary tree

Talk to any Warrior Skill Trainer to buy the skill.


RankReq. LevelSP Cost EffectDuration
1 65 0 +10% Damage
+3% HP every 2 seconds
10 secs