Commission Board

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Commission Board

The Commission Board is a large wooden board in which NPC's can place commissions, or quests, for the player to complete.

In front of every dungeon except the first two (Frost Hill and Shadow Forest) the commission board can be found. Each board is tied to that respective dungeon hub, and the quests that appear are affected by the character's level as well as what other quests the character has completed.

They have become a popular tool for leveling, as they give a significant amount of EXP, sometimes the same amount as the dungeon's clear EXP.

How it Works[edit | edit source]

The quests found on the board come in two categories: Dungeon and All. All quests tend to show you which commission boards you have missed. Dungeon quests are directly related to the dungeon, and are further separated into different categories.

  • Hunt: Hunt quests are strictly searching and defeating the kind of creature that the NPC requests. In lower difficulty settings there will be less creatures; this means that the character has to run it multiple times to complete the quest.
  • Collect: Collection quests simply asks to bring certain items. These items can drop off creatures as well as be found in the environment. It's sometimes hard to see these items, but when tracking the quest the tracking arrow will turn into a magnifying glass, signifying that the items needed are in the area.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty quests require you to complete the dungeon on a higher difficulty. They range from Normal to Abyss, and just require you to simply complete the dungeon.