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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Overpower Active Deals additional damage at the amount of the character's maximum Physical Attack Power at a set rate. Cleaving Gale Level 1 45
Stomp + Passive Strengthens Stomp skill so that one more wave of damage is sent out in the range of {0} to {1} after the first range attack. Stomp Level 6 48
Bone Cleaver.png
Bone Cleaver Active Jump into the air, slash down on the enemy in front, and break the bones of the opponent. Additional damage is given to all attacks. Overpower Level 1 50
Demolition Fist.png
Demolition Fist + Passive Strengthens Demolition Fist, increasing damage and adds a high chance to stun. Adds an additional stomp after the initial punch. Stomp + Level 1 55
Circle Swing.png
Circle Swing + Passive Strengthens Circle Swing, increasing damage. Click the attack mouse button after the swing to execute a punch attack to launch enemies. Circle Swing Level 1 60
Barbarians Voice.png
Barbarian's Voice Passive All attacks have additional critical hit chance after using Battle Howl, Taunting Howl, or Devastating Howl. Restores health per second after using Empowering Howl. N/A 65
Whirlwind + Passive Strengthens Whirlwind, increasing damage, AoE size, speed and number of spins. Forms a miniature Cleaving Gale. Whirlwind Level 6 70
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Mercenary tree.

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