Baralika the Hurricane

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Baralika the Hurricane
Binds when Obtained
Level Req: 100 +
Class: Ancient
Type: Greatsword
Rarity: Unique
Durability: 165
(Cannot be traded)
Cannot be extracted. Cannot be enhanced
Base Stats (Lowest possible)
Phys Dmg: 1270-1720

Magic Dmg: 1150-1560
Agility: 185
Intellect: 165
Vitality: 210
Paralyze: 2080
Stun: 1300
Critical: 2430
Final Damage: 350
Light Atk: 120.00%
Dark Atk: 20.00%
Fire Atk: 80.00%

Ice Atk: 75.00%
A weapon that reacts to the magic of the ancients to summon a hurricane when swing. Can only be used by ancients.
Sell Price: {{{sell}}}
Obtain Information
Quest: Baralika Broken