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Background[edit | edit source]

Originally a time-traveling ship built by Kevin in the future. After developing self awareness and being corrupted by the Goddess Vestinel en route to the present it became a powerful monster that absorbed its pilot and many other entities to increase its strength. By the time the player hears of it the abomination has become the master of the Apocalypse Nest.

Despite its currently evil nature, the being is Light-elemental due to its noble origins.

The Tinkerer is revealed to have been aboard the ship when it crashed in the present day.

The Boss[edit | edit source]

Apocalypse front.jpg


Species Health Mov. Speed Element
Very High Slow
Light Element.png Light
  • Jiggle its tentacles then fire lasers in 8 directions. Light element
  • Charges up and unleashes a roar, launches and causes push back 3 times. Deals no damage
  • Charges up energy in its mouth for 5 seconds then fires an enormous laser and turns a full circle in either direction. Deals light elemental damage and pushes back. Turning speed is equal to running speed if the player is near Apocalypse
  • Conjures several purple spots on the ground. Fires a pillar of light after 1 second. Launches targets
  • Reaches out in front of it with its tentacles
  • Shove its tentacles into the ground, sprouting tentacles at ranged. Each tentacle fires lasers
  • Eyes glow purple and phases backwards, then charge forward at a target at range
  • Hop around 2 or 3 times, deals impact damage to nearby targets. Launches targets
  • (Hell only) Grunts and turn a quarter way round, then shakes wildly while brandishing its tentacles. Rather long reach
  • (After losing 1 bar of HP) Shakes its body and drops several tentacles. The tentacle will latch onto the nearest player, immobilize them, and removes all buffs.
  • (After losing 2 bars of HP) Grunts and turns a quarter way round, then spins and chases down its target while dealing multiple hits. Light element, causes knock back. Movement speed is equal to normal running speed
  • (After losing 2 bars of HP) (Hell only) Conjure a large star-shaped spell centered around it, followed by an enormous explosion of light in that star shape.
  • (After losing 3 bars of HP) Shakes furiously then opens its mouth wide and unleashes 4 waves of pillars of light. Each wave is targeted at each player. Light element, launches targets
Combat Tips
  • Its highest damaging attacks are close range and provides a very small window of opportunity to run away. For melee classes, attack only after one of its attacks.
  • Save AoE attacks to kill the tentacles that Apocalypse summons. Also, run back when Apocalypse summons the tentacles to avoid its next attack.
  • Run away during its spin attack
  • Run away from its light pillar spam and away from other players.
  • During its star attack, look at the sky for the pattern. The safe spots are between each point or outside the pattern.