Adept/Skill Table

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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Super Slop Cocktail.png
Super Slop Cocktail Active Toss a flask of alcohol. Reduces all Elemental Resistance by 5% and has a 30% chance of inflicting confusion. Persists for 15 seconds. Icicle Expression Level 1 45
Volcano Punch +.png
Volcano Punch + Passive Enhance the AoE and damage of Volcano Punch by 30%. Volcano Punch Level 11 47
Ice Beam.png
Ice Beam Active Fire a straight beam of ice. Has a chance to freeze targets.
Generates 1 Phantom.
Super Slop Cocktail Level 1 50
Frosty Fist +.png
Frosty Fist + Passive Strengthens Frosty Fist, increasing damage and AoE size. Click the special attack mouse button a second time to cast a second Frosty Fist to knock enemies back. Frosty Fist Level 1
Volcano Punch + Level 1
Magma Monument +.png
Magma Monument + Passive Strengthens Magma Monument, increasing number of pillars and AoE size. Magma Monument Level 1 60